Quality of Service

The Paramedic Difference:

Our Paramedics provide a higher level of care than you will receive from most ambulance providers in Orange County. When we receive a request for service to a local Emergency Room, our highly trained Communications Center will first determine the level of care the patient needs. For most of these calls that do not require a 911 response, Lynch EMS is able to send IFT-ALS Paramedics that are able and equipped to handle any situation and provide the appropriate care patients deserve. Our Paramedic’s goal is to provide the right care based on the condition of the patient and transport your patient to the physician’s hospital of choice, avoiding delay in the care of the patient, and excess transport costs.

Competency of Field Employees:

When Lynch EMS’ Medical Transport Personnel arrive, you will receive more than just the highest level of patient care. You will meet healthcare professionals dedicated to showing respect, integrity, compassion, and excellence in all that they do. We firmly believe that we are only as strong as our team of EMTs, Paramedics, and Dispatchers. Therefore, we focus on hiring people that are committed to performance, quality, and customer service.

Our dedication to the development of our employees sets us aside from other companies. Through continuing education, employee recognition, and teamwork, our mission is to continually support our employees to achieve excellence. By employing professionals that are competent in what they do and supported by their employer in their development, our patients and customers get safe and reliable healthcare services delivered to them which will bring you peace of mind.

Communications Center / Dispatch:

The Lynch EMS Communications Center is staffed with experienced and friendly industry professionals, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. At Lynch EMS, we are committed to excellent customer service starting the moment our phone rings. A large part of this is ensuring that we have a strong team of specialists available to answer just about any question regarding the services we provide without the need to transfer you to other departments. When you call Lynch EMS for patient transfers to emergency rooms, you will notice that the call taker will ask you a series of questions. The questions asked are based on the patient’s chief complaint according to our unique Criteria Based Dispatch Guidelines. These guidelines are county specific to ensure not only adherence to county protocols, but help confirm patients are receiving the best, most appropriate care possible.

Our team includes certified International Academies of Emergency Dispatch Emergency Telecommunicators (ETCs) and Emergency Medical Dispatchers (EMDs), as well as, Paramedics and EMTs. Lynch EMS’ Communications Center utilizes a specialized Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) system and the most up to date GPS software available to ensure proper resource allocation, which in turn allows us to maintain excellent on time performance. The Communications Center is the central hub of our organization. Being the main point of contact for our customers, field personnel, and supervisory staff, means it is where our commitment to respect, integrity, compassion, and excellence begin.

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