culture of safety

Lynch EMS recognizes that the physical injuries and illnesses are more prevalent for pre-hospital care providers due to the nature of the work. While each employee is responsible for his or her own safety and health, the Lynch EMS management team and supervisors take ultimate responsibility of mentoring, teaching, and implementing effective safe work practices.

Our employees are continuously kept up to date with yearly safety training and monthly safety bulletins. As managers and leaders of our organization we strive to create a culture of safety to provide a higher level of care. In addition to our annual safety training, our safety committee meets monthly to discuss and review accidents, exposures, and close calls in the field. From our discussions, the Safety Committee and Safety Officer introduce changes to policies and procedures to help create a safer environment for our employees.

Around 2012, Lynch EMS made a conscious effort to improve our Safety Program and create a culture of safety. Through our efforts we were able to lower our Experience Modification, or Ex-Mod, to record lows for the company. Insurance rates are determined for companies with “average” rates of job related injuries or illnesses. The ex-mod factor then adjusts those rates for how far above, or below, your company is compared to the averages. If your company has fewer injuries than the average in your group you will have a lower ex-mod. In 2015, our insurance carrier ICW Group used Lynch EMS in a promo video talking about our Culture of Safety and how it significantly reduced claims. See video below:

Implementing safety initiatives is a daily occurrence in order to advance our safe working environment. With our continuous effort to inform employees, Lynch EMS provides a structured approach to the organization’s desire to effectively identify, evaluate, and control occupational safety and health hazards.