History of Lynch Ambulance

In 1986, Lynch EMS was founded as a small family business by Walter M. and Nancy Lynch, along with their son, Walter J. Lynch. Although we have expanded a great deal since opening our doors over 30 years ago, the company is still operated by the Lynch family. Emergency Medical Services have always been a passion for the Lynch family, which is one of the biggest reasons the communities we serve trust us as partners in providing care for their residents.

While working as a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy, Walter M. Lynch recognized the need for inter-facility transportation of patients that did not require 911 emergency services. He noticed that these patients often waited an extended length of time for transportation to obtain medical care. Those patients needed advocates and the Lynch family wanted to help. Walt purchased his first two used ambulances from a Hollywood studio that was no longer using the vehicles for a television series and the company was born.

In the early days of the business, all members of the Lynch family, including daughters Deborah and Julie, were certified as EMTs and participated in transporting patients. However, the company has grown immensely from the days of the family of five running calls with only two ambulances as we now service all of Orange County, and parts of Los Angeles and Riverside Counties. Their dedication today is as resolute as it was then, and the staff and medical professionals that work for them approach their work with the same enthusiasm. Over the years, they have had experience in all aspects of developing and operating the emergency and non-emergency medical transport business.

Lynch EMS’s dedication to our community is unwavering. Today, Lynch EMS operates approximately 35 ambulances, including those dedicated to Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) under an exclusive agreement. We employ over 140 Medical Transport Personnel for Basic Life Support, Advanced Life Support, Specialty Care, Special Events, and Medical Standby.

From Lynch Ambulance to Lynch EMS

In 2012, Lynch Ambulance Service recognized that we were more than just an ambulance company. Lynch Ambulance was providing Emergency Medical Services to the communities we serve through community education, medical stand-by at events, CPR training as well as response to local and national disasters. In an effort to acknowledge our role as an Emergency Medical Services provider, the name Lynch EMS was born.

Since the inception of the Lynch EMS name, we have worked hard to see our vision grow by offering IFT-ALS services utilizing highly trained Paramedics, Hospice Partnership Services, and growth of our community involvement and education initiatives. We have sought to expand the scope of practice of Paramedics in the County of Orange and have achieved this through a close partnership with the Orange County EMS agency by expanding the scope of practice to include such things as the use of IV Pumps and Ventilators.

In 2019, Lynch EMS was awarded the first 911-ALS contract for a private ambulance company in the County of Orange. We are honored to be providing the emergency medical care for the City of Placentia and our 911-ALS program has been highly successful meeting all the performance standards required of us.

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