our facility and fleet

Lynch Ambulance has built a solid business since 1986 and many of our best assets such as our professional medical staff, fleet of vehicles, and facilities, have grown with it. Our operations center in Anaheim close to the 91 and 57 freeway interchange, is a 20,000 sq. ft. building large enough to house our entire fleet of vehicles, our vehicle maintenance department, Operations Department, onsite training facilities, Communications Center, and Billing Office.

Lynch EMS ambulances are equipped with the latest medical supplies and life support equipment. Each ambulance meets and exceeds local, state and federal guidelines and requirements for safety and medical equipment. Our fleet of ambulances is constantly being upgraded. 

We strive to keep our fleet in top running condition with full time mechanic staff dedicated to consistent and diligent servicing and upgrades. Our fleet includes the latest in communications and medical technologies to ensure our patients receive the very best available care. Lynch EMS ambulances undergo daily mechanical and equipment check-outs by Medical Transport Personnel in addition to a thorough preventative maintenance program to ensure all vehicles are safe and reliable.