Standards of Leadership

As the Leadership Team for Lynch EMS, it is our mission to deliver on the Company’s Vision as set forth by the Lynch Family. Our team has over 200 years of experience in the medical field and EMS. We are passionate about providing a service that not only provides outstanding patient care and customer service, but is focused on the growth and development of our amazing healthcare professionals and staff. To accomplish this, we lead according to a set of standards to maintain a positive, supportive work environment for everyone.
We embrace these standards of leadership every day to promote the work culture and environment envisioned by the Lynch family:

We are Leaders rather than managers
We lead by serving
We lead by example
We demonstrate care and regard for others in the organization
We inspire by coaching and developing others
We are proponents for growth and change
We are advocates for our employees and customers
We are committed to self-improvement and the support of others in their desire to grow and learn
We support each other
We collaborate and work as a team. As such:
We believe that the best solutions result from multiple sources of input building on one another’s knowledge and ideas
We consider all points of view
We are respectful of opinions that differ from our own
We believe in Win/Win solutions
We share accountability and the credit for victories
We respect the value of the organizational hierarchy, but understand those situations where it is appropriate to by-pass it

Get to Know our Leadership Team

Walt Lynch, President and CEO

Walter J. Lynch is a founder of Lynch EMS and serves as the President/CEO. Walt has been in the EMS industry for over 30 years. Starting as an EMT in San Luis Obispo he worked throughout the county in the first years of his career. In 1986, with his family, Walt founded Lynch EMS, working closely with family members to manage the business, including field operations, communications, and billing. During the 1990s, Walt became the business development lead and focused on delivering the family’s core values of respect, integrity, compassion, and excellence to the patients and facilities served by Lynch EMS.
In 2007, Walt moved into his current role of President/CEO. His goal has been to provide the organization with vision and leadership, and to maintain an environment focused on the patients we treat and transport. Walt identified and recruited key industry personnel to the Lynch EMS Leadership team in 2011, strategically positioning the company to successfully partner with OCEMS in running an IFT-ALS pilot in 2013. His forward thinking and solution-oriented leadership style was important to the ultimate success of the IFT-ALS pilot program, which brought for the first time private paramedics to Orange County.
In addition to services provided by Lynch EMS, Walt also serves as a community leader as a board member of the Illumination Foundation efforts to break the cycle of homelessness.

Greg Heinze, Director of Operations

Upon joining the Lynch EMS Team in 2009 as a Dispatcher, Greg quickly promoted to Communications Supervisor and was responsible for the successful implementation of technological upgrades in the Communications Center. Since that time, Greg has promoted to Director of Communications and Patient Account Services then Director of Operations in 2015. As the Director of Operations, Greg is responsible for overseeing the Operations, Communications, and Patient Account Services departments being accountable for the overall performance of the company.
Greg came to Lynch with years of experience as an EMT, Paramedic, Dispatcher, and Supervisor. Greg’s extensive knowledge coupled with his contemporary experience in all facets of EMS, allows him to successfully direct and manage multiple departments typically administered by separate subject matter experts. Greg’s ability to multitask, prioritize, delegate, and lead his respective departments, reflects his leadership style and passion for EMS.

Eric Somers, Director of Support Services / Compliance Officer

Eric is responsible for Lynch EMSs Compliance Program and oversees the HR and IT/IS departments. Eric’s extensive experience in EMS has been invaluable to the development of Lynch EMS. His knowledge and abilities has helped Lynch EMS become technology-driven utilizing data and reporting capabilities to enhance our commitment to our customers and community.
In 1988, Eric started as an EMT in Orange County. Over the past 29 years, Eric has worked as an EMT, Dispatcher, CQI Coordinator, Dispatch Supervisor, IT Manager and Director of Communications at 911 and IFT ambulance companies. Eric has overseen many major projects and events during his time in EMS, providing knowledge and experience crucial to our development.

Tina Heinemann, Director of Clinical Services

Tina Heinemann has over 25 years of experience in emergency nursing with a Master’s of Science degree in Nursing. Tina obtained her experience at Mission Hospital of Mission Viejo, which operates as a base station, Level II Trauma Center, Stroke, and Cardiovascular Receiving Hospital. She is a Certified Emergency Nurse and has certificates in Public Health and Forensic Nursing. Tina has 13 years’ experience as the Base Hospital Coordinator at Mission Hospital, and is currently serving as ALS/BLS Clinical Coordinator at Lynch Ambulance.

Dr. Joseph L. Dinglasan Jr., MD, Medical Director

Joseph L Dinglasan Jr., M.D. is an Emergency Physician who works full-time at Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo and has served as the Medical Director for Lynch since 2016. He initially became interested in the field of emergency medicine as an EMT in Detroit, Michigan after obtaining his B.A. degree in Psychology & Social Behavior with a minor in Criminology from the University of California, Irvine in 2000. He later completed medical school at the University of California, Irvine and completed his residency training in emergency medicine at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center.
Dr. Dinglasan is also a tactical medic and Medical Director for the North County SWAT team and serves as an amateur radio operator with his son on the Hospital Disaster Support Communications System for Orange County.

Jacob Wagoner, Operations Manager

Jacob Wagoner has worked for Lynch EMS since 2006. He was promoted to Operations Manager in 2013 to oversee and develop the day-to-day operations of the company including field operations, training, QI/QA, and employee development. Jacob has been instrumental in the implementation and improvement of many programs at Lynch EMS including the IFT-ALS and training programs. Jacob is committed to the development and growth of Lynch EMS by always being a resource for his employees and providing a supportive work environment for everyone.
Jacob has experience as an EMT since 2005 working on BLS, CCT, ALS, and 911 mutual aid level calls; Field Training Officer (FTO); FTO Coordinator; Operations Supervisor; and Manager of Employee Training and Development. In 2004, he obtained a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Biology from the University of California – Riverside, and in 2011 while working as an EMT completed his Master’s Degree in Business Psychology from University of the Rockies.

Robert Banuelos, Manager Fleet Services and Facilities / CHOC Liaison

Robert Banuelos has been a member of the Lynch management team for over eleven years. Robert is responsible for the oversight of our fleet of vehicles and facility maintenance. He also acts as the liaison for Children Hospital of Orange County (CHOC Children’s).
Fleet maintenance is a critical component of our company’s success and Robert has addressed that need by ensuring that our fleet maintenance program reduces failure rates and supports the reliable operation of our vehicles. Robert’s experience and dedication comes from years in law enforcement. He was a member of the Orange County Marshall’s Department for seven years and the Orange County Sheriff’s Department from 2000 to 2006. His responsibilities included court operations, detention, weapons screening, and bailiff services.

Aric Fernandez, Scheduling Manager

Aric Fernandez is the Scheduling Manager for Lynch EMS and also functions within the organization as an Operations Supervisor. Aric has been in the EMS industry for nearly 10 years since starting his career as an EMT for Lynch EMS in 2009. In 2010, Aric promoted to the position of Field Training Officer where he helped ingrain Lynch EMS’ Core Values of respect, integrity, compassion, and excellence. In 2012, he became part of the Leadership team by promoting to the position of Operations Supervisor. During his time in the EMS industry, Aric has also provided 9-1-1 services within the Riverside and Los Angeles County areas.
In 2017, Aric moved into his current role of Scheduling Manager where he oversees and manages the scheduling of all field employees. His goal has been to provide a workplace environment consisted of positive morale, employee engagement, and commitment to the organization through flexible scheduling.

Brittney Oldham, Communications / Patient Account Services Supervisor

Brittney oversees the daily operations of the Communications Center and Patient Account Services department. On-time performance and proper resource allocation remain a constant focus for Brittney and the Communications Center Team. In the Patient Account Services Department, she ensures that pre-billing, coding, and authorization functions perform consistent with our compliance program.
Brittney adds exceptional value to our management team through her experience as an International Academies of Emergency Dispatch Certified Emergency Telecommunicator Instructor. Brittney began her career in EMS with Lynch in 2009 as an EMT before moving into the Communications Department. Her leadership and attention to detail, coupled with her extensive knowledge in telecommunications and the pre-billing process, is duly recognized by the organization, and Brittney consistently succeeds in her roles as a part of the Management Team.

Shawn Gurren, Paramedic Supervisor

Shawn manages the daily operations of the IFT-ALS program while serving as the primary liaison between field Paramedics and the management team. He oversees the IFT-ALS staff performance on patient care, training, documentation, and quality improvement. He is responsible for hiring and training qualified candidates to join our team. Shawn performs duties associated with development and growth of the IFT-ALS department in conjunction with the Marketing team.
Shawn brings valuable leadership and Paramedic experience to the IFT-ALS program. Shawn began his EMS career in Orange County in 2007. He continued to expand upon his EMS role and attended Paramedic school in 2008. He has functioned as a Paramedic and Field Training Officer within Los Angeles, Riverside, and Orange County for both private and public agencies. Shawn started with Lynch EMS in 2013 and contributed to the success of the first IFT-ALS program in Orange County. He continues to strive for excellence for the IFT-ALS program. His experience and leadership are a great asset to the Lynch EMS team.

Kurt Sachse, Operations Supervisor / Disaster Response Coordinator

Kurt Sachse has been in the EMS industry and Lynch EMS for 12 years. He started his EMS career with Lynch EMS right out of EMT school working as an EMT then progressing to a Field Training Officer, ALS EMT and CHOC EMT. In 2010, Kurt became an Operations Supervisor supervising the day-to-day operation of our ambulance fleet and personnel. During this time, he has functioned as the FTO Coordinator and currently functions as a Strike Time Leader and Disaster Response Coordinator.
Kurt believes in good communication with his colleagues and Medical Transport Personnel. He strives to have an approachable demeanor to better assist and communicate with employees.

Taylor Burchartz, Operations Supervisor / Safety Officer

Taylor Burchartz is the Safety officer of Lynch EMS and one of the acting Operations Supervisors of the organization. Taylor has been working in the EMS industry for over 5 years. He began working as an EMT for the company in early 2012, working full time to fulfill the requirements for paramedic school. Taking a short leave of absence, he reclassified within the organization in late 2014 after completing paramedic school and obtaining his nationally registered paramedic license. Continuing to work hard and further his training, Taylor continued to further his education through Chapman University in southern California. After working in the field and continually adhering to the company’s core values, he promoted to field training officer in 2016. Taylor has recently completed his Bachelors of Art’s in Business Administration in 2017. He has begun to implement new safe working practices through the development of new safety programs and additions to existing programs.