Standards of Leadership

As the Leadership Team for Lynch EMS, it is our mission to deliver on the Company’s Vision as set forth by the Lynch Family. Our team has over 200 years of experience in the medical field and EMS. We are passionate about providing a service that not only provides outstanding patient care and customer service, but is focused on the growth and development of our amazing healthcare professionals and staff. To accomplish this, we lead according to a set of standards to maintain a positive, supportive work environment for everyone.
We embrace these standards of leadership every day to promote the work culture and environment envisioned by the Lynch family:

We are Leaders rather than managers
We lead by serving
We lead by example
We demonstrate care and regard for others in the organization
We inspire by coaching and developing others
We are proponents for growth and change
We are advocates for our employees and customers
We are committed to self-improvement and the support of others in their desire to grow and learn
We support each other
We collaborate and work as a team. As such:
We believe that the best solutions result from multiple sources of input building on one another’s knowledge and ideas
We consider all points of view
We are respectful of opinions that differ from our own
We believe in Win/Win solutions
We share accountability and the credit for victories
We respect the value of the organizational hierarchy, but understand those situations where it is appropriate to by-pass it

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