Our EMT’s are the heart and soul of Lynch Ambulance. We work hard every day to create a positive work environment with recognition for achievement and make special efforts to support our EMT’s in their development. EMTs at Lynch Ambulance are treated like family. We look for opportunities to help our personnel progress and grow.

We recognize that most EMT’s working with us, are actively advancing their health care knowledge and career. Lynch Ambulance encourages professional development and advancement in EMS, Public Service, and Medicine. We support that through conscious efforts to provide flexible work schedules, continuing education and celebration of their success.

Lynch Ambulance is a great place to begin an EMS career. While our call volume consists primarily of inter-facility transports, we provide a unique opportunity for EMTs to build experience assessing patients, taking and giving reports to other medical professionals, and providing interventions. Our EMT BLS providers are highly trained. We believe in them and trust them to determine the nature of their patient’s condition and what level of care is required for their transport. You will not get the same experience with a 911 response company.


Employee Advantages

Lynch Ambulance employees enjoy flexible scheduling, Medical, Dental and Vision insurance for full time work, and paid vacation time. We create and maintain a rewarding and positive work environment focused on professional development and education. We strive to help our employees progress their career though continuing education and monthly skills refreshers sessions.

Here at Lynch Ambulance we understand that the great majority of EMTs are planning on moving on to Paramedic School, Law Enforcement, Clinical Medicine, and Fire. We encourage our employees to work toward those goals and make every effort to help them along. We are happy to accommodate school and volunteer schedules whenever we can.


Job Descriptions

Emergency Medical Technicians make up the bulk of Lynch Ambulance staff and perform the majority of field operations. Our EMTs are empowered to make well educated decisions in the field based on their impressions of the patient’s condition and the nature of the circumstances. They provide patient care, take and give patient reports, assist ALS personnel on scene when applicable, and provide the necessary BLS interventions and treatments. Here at Lynch Ambulance our EMTs transport patients with varying needs including Emergency Room Admits, Psychological Evaluations and Treatments, 5150 Holds, Medical Procedures, Hospital Discharges and CCT Transports with ACLS Personnel.

Paramedics are our newest addition for career opportunities at Lynch.  We employ Orange County Accredited and State licensed Paramedics who provide Advance Life Support (ALS) care and monitoring while on scene and while transporting to the specified destination for continuity of patient care.  Our Paramedic program is based on the community need to move patients who require an advanced level of care such as cardiac and medication infusing monitoring specified by the OCEMS Medical Director.  Lynch Paramedics work together as a team, making patient care and destination decisions based on County approved standing orders.

Registered Nurse
Critical Care Transport Registered Nurses help patients requiring advanced life support arrive at their destination safely. Providing critical care transportation service eliminates the need for unnecessary 911 and air transports. Transport RNs can continue the therapies begun by the clinical staff making it possible for patients to seek specialized treatments and services in other facilities.

Respiratory Therapist
Critical Care Transport Respiratory Therapists help patients requiring airway and ventilation support reach their destination safely. Utilizing specialized transport equipment our RTs can keep our patients comfortable by providing many of the same services available in clinical settings. CCT RTs continue the hard work of those medical professionals who stabilized the patient so they can get the advanced care required to further their treatment.

Emergency Dispatcher
Emergency Dispatchers serve as the primary point of contact for the field EMTs, RNs, and RTs as well as the public and supervisory staff. Dispatchers provide the critical functions of resource allocation, call triage, and customer service. Very often the dispatch team is the first contact the public have with our company and our emphasis on customer service and community involvement begins here.

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