About Us

Core Values

Lynch Ambulance’s Core Values are the cornerstone for our company’s culture. They guide how we treat our patients, our customers and how we interact with each other. We use these values in our everyday activities to choose a course of action, evaluate decisions and help guide our employees’ development.

  • Respect:For all people; our patients; their families; our customers; our colleagues in the medical professions; our Paramedics and EMT’s and staff; and for one another
  • Compassion: Always being mindful of another person’s feelings and concerns, acting with the same level of care we would extend to our family
  • Integrity: Always choosing to do the moral and ethical “right thing”, and ever examining our actions to be certain we demonstrate integrity in all our actions
  • Excellence: Providing uncompromising service quality through commitment, efficiency and accountability

Lynch Ambulance History

Lynch Ambulance was founded in 1986 by Walter M. and Nancy Lynch and their son Walter J. Lynch as a family owned business and continues to be operated by the Lynch family to this day. Emergency Medical Services are a passion for the Lynch family. That is why the communities we serve trust us as partners in providing for their residents.

Walter M. Lynch, while working as a Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff, recognized the need for inter-facility transportation of patients that did not require 911 emergency services. He noticed that these patients often waited an extended length of time for transportation to obtain medical care. Those patients needed advocates and the Lynch family wanted to help. Walt purchased his first two used ambulances from a Hollywood studio that was no longer using the vehicles for a series and the company was born.

In the early days of the business, all the members of the Lynch family including two sisters were certified as EMT’s and ran patient calls. From a family of five running calls with two ambulances, the company has grown to service all of Orange County, and parts of Los Angeles and Riverside Counties. Their dedication today is as resolute as it was then, and the staff and medical professionals that work for them approach their work with the same enthusiasm. Over the years, they have had experience in all aspects of developing and operating the emergency medical transport business.

Today, Lynch Ambulance operates approximately 35 ambulances, including those dedicated to Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) under an exclusive agreement. We employ over 140 Emergency Medical Personnel for Basic Life Support and Critical Care Transports. Lynch Ambulance’s dedication to our community is unwavering.

Facility and Fleet

Lynch Ambulance has built a solid business over the past 25 years and our two best assets, our professional medical staff and our fleet of vehicles and facilities have grown with it.

At our operations center in Anaheim close to the 91 and 57 freeway interchange, we run onsite training facilities. Our Paramedics and EMTs attend monthly skills refresher training sessions utilizing state of the art equipment.

The 20,000 sq ft operations building also houses most of our fleet and our vehicle maintenance department.

Our fleet is constantly being upgraded and recently we added 10 new ambulances dedicated to our field operations and a new CHOC unit specially built out for multiple neonatal patients. We strive to keep our fleet in top running condition with full time mechanic staff dedicated to consistent and diligent servicing and upgrades. Our fleet includes the latest in communications and medical technologies to ensure our patients receive the very best available care.